AARP Urges Action on Social Security in Response to Trustees Report Stand

AARP Urges Action on Social Security in Response to Trustees Report Stand

Article from NRTA in the KNOW

On June 22, 2016, the Social Security Board of Trustees issued its annual financial review of the program. The Treasury Department states that “Social Security’s retirement and disability programs have dedicated resources sufficient to cover benefits for nearly two decades, until 2034.” A Treasury Department fact sheet is available here.

In response to the Trustees report, AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins said, “The Social Security Trustees report comes this year at an opportune time to remind us that Americans want to live independently as we age. As we watch parades and fireworks and wave our flags during upcoming July 4th celebrations, we also have an opportunity to ask candidates running for office what they would do to update the popular icon of Social Security if elected.”

AARP launched Take A Stand in the early days of this Presidential campaign season to demand plans from those seeking the White House.

In her statement, Jenkins also said, “While the Trustees once again report that the combined Old Age, Survivor and Disability Insurance Trust can pay full retirement, survivor and disability benefits for some time, we know that if no action is taken, benefits could be cut by nearly 25 percent in 2034, and families could lose up to $10,000 per year in benefits. Candidates who don’t take a stand on Social Security in this important election year choose to put the program’s strength at risk in the long-term.”

Read the full statement here.

All plans put forward by candidates will be posted on the Take a Stand website at Watch for more news on Take a Stand leading up to the election.