Free Local Unit Letters

Each year AERA offers to every local unit a “free local unit letter” mailing. The letter is written by the local unit president and sent to the AERA State Office where it is prepared, printed, and mailed (bulk mail) to every retiree within a specific county or school district. This letter helps to recruit new members and to keep all education retirees informed. To assist new local unit presidents who are not sure what to include in their letter, a sample letter is included in the PDF below. Veronica Dewees, AERA Administrative Assistant/Local Unit Liaison, handles the preparation of these letters and would be happy to assist your local unit. The production time is approximately three weeks. Also, be sure to allow for mailing time since bulk mail is low priority and will take longer to reach its destination. For more information, contact Veronica at or call the state office 800-537-6867.

Sample Local Unit Letter (PDF)