However, I must tip my hat to two groups. Retired educators and those who work with career tech programs. Ann Gilmore runs the Alabama Association for Career Technical Education. When Sentance’s new organization chart appeared to de-emphasize these programs, she and her forces went to work. In fact, AACTE called for the superintendent to be terminated way back in March. And these good folks were not hesitant about letting their voices be heard. Governor Ivey got many, many letters from Alabamians, none any better than this one from Lt. Colonel Frank Barrow in Mobile.

Janice Charlesworth and her small crew at the Alabama Education Retirees Association also deserve a special pat on the back. I have had the pleasure of speaking to quite a number of these county chapters. These are people who devoted their lives to our schools and they were not happy to witness what was being done to undo what they invested so much heart and soul into. They too sent lots and lots of emails.